The Word This Week

1 Peter 2:1...

Whenever a new building is built, there is a gathering of building materials required to construct the building. An architect is involved, and the design of the building and the choice of building materials reflects the intent of its purpose.

When the Temple was built at Jerusalem, it was built with massive stones. Those stones were designed to represent its strength and its purpose. The stones were hewn at the quarry from which they were taken so that the sound of chisel and hammer was not heard of the Temple Mount. It is said the stones fit together so tightly and were so well formed you could not fit a sheet of paper between them.

Peter alludes to the construction of the Temple in his assessment of God’s choice of building materials for His Church.

While the Temple was constructed of massive stones to demonstrate its strength, there was no life in those stones.

The Church, on the other hand, is built of living stones. Of course, Peter is telling us His Church, unlike His Temple, is comprised of people – not stones. But the people called of God to build His Church, to be part of its structure, are MORE powerful than the massive stones utilized to build the Temple because they have life in themselves. The life of the Holy Spirit. The Church is built with living stones. It may appear weak, but it is as powerful as Christ alive in its members.

Just as there was a chief cornerstone placed in the building of the Temple, from which every stone was aligned and placed, The Church has its own Chief Cornerstone from which every living stone takes its place, and from which each living stone is aligned.

Of course, the Chief Cornerstone of His Church is Christ Himself, Who was rejected by the priests at Jerusalem and slain because they failed to recognize Who He was.

When the Temple was being built, a stone was sent to the Temple Mount from the quarry which was rejected because it was unique, and its purpose unrecognized. It was initially rejected until it was discovered it was in fact the cornerstone.

Pastor Bill