The Word This Week

Revelation 8:1...

The interlude, known as a ‘parenthesis,’ between the sixth and seventh seal judgments has ended. Whether there was an actual time gap between the sixth and seventh seals we do not know, but we do know there was a pause in the text to let us know what was also going on as the six seals were opened by Jesus.

There has been a great evangelistic outreach upon the whole earth led by 144,000 sealed Jewish evangelists from the twelve tribes of Israel. A great multitude have placed their faith in the Jewish Messiah the Lord Jesus Christ. (Both Jews and Gentiles.) The Jews have finally engaged in evangelizing the whole world as God had intended them to do from the day He called them His ‘chosen people.’

Now that the option to escape the Tribulation has been provided, the seventh seal is opened, which is actually a prelude to seven trumpet judgments. (Reminder: there are seven seal judgments, followed by seven trumpet judgments, followed by seven bowl judgments.)

Each of the series of judgements get progressively worse. As the trumpet judgments begin we see right away they are an amplification of what took place with the seven seal judgments. It is as if God is saying, “Do I have your attention now?”

There are those on earth who have gotten the message. They have gone to their Bibles set aside, (perhaps years before,) and read again what God had declared about these times they are presently experiencing. The fact so many millions have simply disappeared has been the first great clue – and now it has only gotten worse. It certainly appears everything the Church had been teaching that had been ignored was actually true, and now the world is receiving the judgment of God for denying this truth. It is no longer deniable.

And so the seven angels before the throne take up seven trumpets given to them and begin the sound, each trumpet blast a wake-up call about what is coming next upon the earth. In the 8th Chapter, we will see the vegetation of the world struck, followed by the seas being struck, followed by the inland waters being struck, followed by the heavens being struck.

The first four of the seven trumpet judgments are absolutely cataclysmic, and are to be avoided at all costs. Receive Christ today. Nothing can stop you but yourself.

Pastor Bill