The Word This Week

Matt 1:18…

Interruptions. Don’t you hate interruptions? Often an interruption is thought to be impolite.

Much worse is when an interruption changes the entire course of your life.

Isn’t it interesting God always works through interruptions?

Consider Joseph, for example. Here he is going about his life. He is evidently a very good man. (In God’s sight he is the kind of man God can use to glorify His name.) But Joseph doesn’t know that. All he knows is his carpentry business is ongoing, and he has a new excitement in his life…he is going to be married!

He is betrothed to a likewise very good young lady. (In God’s sight she is the kind of woman God can use to glorify His name.) The bride price has been paid, the period of betrothal has officially and legally begun, and only the joyous wedding remains to be accomplished.

Everything is going so well, and all are excited and happy. But along the way, something happens that can only be regarded as a tragedy by Joseph and others who may come to know of Mary’s situation. At some point, Joseph has been informed by Mary she is pregnant. And everything in his life comes crashing down. What will everyone who finds out about this think? It appears Mary has certainly committed adultery, which is punishable by death.

 Was it Joseph – has he also committed adultery? Or even worse, is it another man?

Joseph knows for certain he isn’t the father – but who could it be? And how could he ever trust Mary again, even if she survives this? Then there is this fanciful story Mary has concocted to tell Joseph about how she has come to be with child. It sounds crazy. The Holy Spirit is the father?

This is the kind of interruption no one needs in life. In many ways it is the end of all that has come before this moment. Reputations shattered. Nothing will ever be the same again. Talk about sleepless nights. But it was in one of those nights as Joseph struggled to comprehend what had happened and what he could do about it that the angel of the Lord came to him and interrupted him again…

While he may have been greatly comforted to know Mary wasn’t crazy, and she wasn’t lying, their lives may not get any easier from this point on…

This is the way it always is for those whose lives have been chosen by God to glorify His name. How has God interrupted your life?

Pastor Bill