The Word This Week

Matt 5:17…

The de-emphasis of the Word of God in our day is shocking.

In Jesus’ day it was no less shocking. Many hundreds of years of religious practice and tradition had so obscured the Word of God people could not recognize Jesus when He came.

In our day - once The Church has been raptured - people will think the Antichrist is the Christ.

Since God’s Word is the primary method provided by God by which Jesus Christ may be identified, it is to the peril of humanity the ignorance of humanity toward God’s Word.

Jesus here reminds us He IS the fulfillment of God’s Word.

Jesus refers to, “the Law,” and, “the prophets.” This was how the Jews referred to the Old Testament, (which was ALL of God’s Word at that time.)

Jesus is saying we can stop imagining Who He is and how He is, because He is exactly Who the Word of God says He is. His appearing is the fulfillment of EVERYTHING God’s Word has declared, right down to every, “jot,” and every, “tittle.” (In our vernacular – every i dotted, and every t crossed. Even down to the smallest marks which comprise the letters employed to form the Word of God; Jesus is the fulfillment.)

The Jewish leader’s idea of Christ being a conquering king in His first coming was wrong-headed and would eventually cause the religious leaders to put their own Jewish Christ to death.

This is the tragedy of those who de-emphasize the Word of God to any extent. This is the tragedy of those in our day who are saying it is unnecessary to teach the Old Testament – and to focus only on the New…

It little prepares the hearers to recognize all Christ is when He comes, and it little prepares the hearers to fully distinguish the Christ from the Antichrist when those left behind after the rapture wait for Christ to come again.

Jesus came to fulfill God’s Word even to the smallest degree – and to the smallest degree God’s Word must not be disregarded.

Pastor Bill