The Word This Week

Matt 9:1…

Paralysis. It’s a terrible affliction which disconnects the body from the brain. It can either be total or partial. In every case, it is one of the worst afflictions known to man because it removes any sense of self-sufficiency, and it robs one of most mobility.

Paralysis is an affliction no one is born with. It is most-often a constant reminder of some form of terrible accident, or perhaps crime victimization which becomes a defining moment in that life. One moment the person is whole and the next they are subject to remain in a condition of paralysis for the rest of their life.

We are very compassionate toward someone with any form of paralysis because it is easy to imagine ourselves in that condition. None would wish it upon themselves. It is easy to see why these friends of this paralytic brought him to Jesus. It took great effort on their part. It took great faith to expend the effort it took to carry their friend or family member to Jesus. They have obviously heard He has been going throughout the whole region cleansing lepers and healing the sick – and notably – restoring paralytics to full mobility.

When they arrived at the house where Jesus was teaching, they couldn’t get in. The place was packed. Undaunted, they carried their friend up to the roof and made a hole in the tiles in order to drop their paralyzed friend down through the hole in the roof and right in front of Jesus.

Jesus stunned the crowd, and probably the paralyzed man, by proclaiming in the presence of everyone that his sins were forgiven.

The problem for the scribes who were present was they knew only God can forgive sins. The problem for the man was he was still paralyzed. While know the response of the scribes, we can only imagine the thoughts of the paralytic.

Jesus knew the thoughts of the scribes, and He knew the thoughts of the paralytic.

What He would do next would stun everyone in the room…

Pastor Bill