The Word This Week

Matt 10:1…

Jesus doesn’t require human involvement in His ministry, but He desires it.

Imagine those who have followed Jesus in this first year of His ministry and all they have seen and heard. These have been incredibly inspiring times. The greatest times ever lived by any group of people in the history of the world.

I remember watching a great and gifted Bible teacher in my earliest days as a born-again believer, and what an impact it made on me to see people respond to the Gospel message and give their lives to Christ. It inspired me to desire to do likewise – that I may receive the gifting and the power of God’s Word to likewise lead people to Christ.

We know Jesus has inspired men more than any man who ever lived. If men are capable of being an inspiration to other men, imagine the inspiration Jesus provided. He must’ve had men champing at the bit to go and preach the Gospel He preached.

Jesus knows this. It is now time to expand His ministry. He knows it will be left to men to build His Church upon the rock of faith in Christ. He knows among those disciples who have been faithfully following Himself there are men who have been desiring to go further…

Luke tells us Jesus went up the mountain to pray all night and identify exactly who those men would be. Coming out of that time in prayer, Jesus called twelve men of His disciples to be those He would send out as apostles – which means ‘sent ones.’

I’m certain these men must have sensed the privilege and responsibility of being the called of Christ. To be called by name by Jesus is one of the most humbling experiences anyone can ever experience. Rather than lifting one up in pride it has the exact opposite effect.

When we see the lack of theological training in these men it reminds us the single most important proving ground for any servant of Christ is not seminary training but time spent with Christ.

Pastor Bill