The Word This Week

Mother’s Day 2023…

As the culture war encroaches itself into every facet of our lives, we cannot stand idly by as observers, but must be engaged in the fight.

Motherhood and mothering may be the last line of defense for those with a Biblical worldview.

Satan has always worked a very progressive plan. His hatred and deception knows no bounds. He is a liar and the father of it. He is seeking to destroy all that is blessed of God in the lives of mankind according to His Word.

In the Book of Nehemiah, we read of the workers on the wall working at construction with one hand and holding a weapon in the other. The reason is because they were under constant threat as they sought to build up the defenses against the world provided them by the wall at Jerusalem.

In these last days, we again find ourselves and our families under constant threat as we seek to build up righteousness as a protection against the ways of the world. This, unfortunately, is no time to relax but rather to be on constant alert.

In many ways, it seems as though the advances of the enemy are unstoppable. We have seen the church crumble into idolatry just as the faith practices of Judah did in their day. We have witnessed the degradation of manhood and masculinity over time as men have abandoned their families for the sake of the lusts of the flesh. We are seeing femininity redefined by the worldly standard of how it is a woman is to find significance. (Her significance has been and is being redefined according to how many traits of manhood a woman can assume…)

All of this is an abomination to God.

As if this is not enough, the progressive forces of evil are now seeking to redefine gender. Sometimes, the enemy’s attempts to make inroads into the culture seem completely preposterous. A few short years ago no one would have given any thought whatsoever to the thinking gender is ‘fluid,’ or that there may be ‘a hundred variations of gender.’

Now we are told men can have babies, and men can compete against women in sports, no matter how unfair the obvious physical advantage may be. Unthinkable pornographic material has made its way into public school libraries, with depictions of graphic depraved sexual practices for our children to learn about and be desensitized to.

That the enemy has made his way through the first lines of defenses against his incursion is without question. The only question which remains is whether there will be a last line of defense or not – and how successful that last line of defense may be. Pray, pray, pray for God’s kingdom to come.

Pastor Bill