The Word This Week

Father’s Day 2023…

The last days are terrible days, but they are our days. Of all the days you may have chosen for yourself to live, these days are some of the easiest convenience-wise – but some of the most difficult righteousness-wise.

Of convenience, we are surrounded on all sides by communication devices, appliances which do the work for us, and transportation vehicles of all kinds which allow us to travel the world easily, both locally and internationally.

Of difficulty, we are softer than any previous generation because we are surrounded by so much convenience, and we have forgotten how to fight for righteousness…and many and maybe even most have become indifferent to righteousness because we have become inoculated to evil by media bombardment of unrighteousness.

This is a time when men need to step up and stand up for their families. This has always been true, but it seems to be so now more than ever.

In a time when statistics are showing us the culture war has been lost, we must never surrender, even as things may appear very bleak. This is especially true for fathers. Mothers may be the last line in the defense of the family, but fathers are called by God to be the front line.

What are fathers to do in this generation? How can fathers possibly live up to the great responsibility set before them by God’s design, and by Satan’s growing and ever-present attempts to destroy the family?

The most important weaponry a father or grandfather can possibly possess is to know his God and to know his God by knowing the Word of God.

Even before going into the Promised Land, God - Who is OUR Father in heaven - established this principle for all fathers and grandfathers everywhere, but especially for those consider themselves God’s children.

God knew the people were about to face a very intense and difficult challenge in going into the Promised Land. Many battles were yet to be fought, at times against an overwhelming enemy which could only be overcome by employing God’s power. But God also knew once those battles had been fought and won – and the hard work had been completed, the people – and fathers in particular – would grow fat and happy and lazy and forget about the absolute necessity of God being at the very center of their lives. They would forget how to fight for Godliness because the fight had been won.

God is not the only one aware of this. Satan is as well. In these days in which we live we are once again afflicted by a degree of ignorance of God and God’s Word which can and will lead to the destruction of our culture, and then to our families and our children and our grandchildren. These are the terrible consequences of the Biblical illiteracy God so strongly warns against in Deuteronomy 6.

Pastor Bill