It is our position to wait upon the Holy Spirit to lead those in our church to serve in areas to which He has called them.  
From time to time, however, a need becomes so pressing, because of the essential nature of the need, that we feel we need to let everyone know.
The following areas are short on staff and are essential to the operation of Sunday and Wednesday worship services:

Nursery - Tending to our youngest members (newborn to 3 years old) during Wednesday and Sunday services. Typically once a month. No experience required. Training and background check provided.

Media - This includes operating the recording and streaming of our services, displaying worship lyrics or monitoring the sound board. Some basic computer skill required but the rest can be trained.

Hospitality - We are always in need of smiling faces to make everyone feel welcome on Sunday mornings.  Door greeters, Floaters, Child check-in, ushers, etc.

Bookstore - From checking out customers and keeping displays neat and organized to managing inventory and merchandising, the level of involvement is up to you. All we need is friendly people with a heart to help patron find what they need.

Koinonia Kafe'- Serve before and /or after service in the kitchen  preparing the meal, in the dining room serving it or in clean-up afterwards helping hands are always needed. No food service experience required.