The Word This Week

2 Thessalonians 2:1…

As any teacher who has clearly taught about any subject, Paul is primarily concerned with his students - in this case the church at Thessalonica - to not only have learned what he taught them, but to have applied it to their lives to such an extent they are protected from anything or anyone who may bring contradictory teaching.

One thing it is always most helpful to remember for those who have been availed of sound Biblical teaching is that form of teaching is designed to provide all that is needed to bring you into eternal life in heaven. God has provided His Word specifically for that purpose. It is an exclusive, simple, narrow road of doctrine.

Anything or anyone who contradicts what God’s Word plainly teaches is undermining your ability to enter eternal life in heaven. This is serious business. Once you have searched and found the basis for external life, you must cling to it as if your life depended upon it, because it does.

It is no light thing, educationally or otherwise for anyone to contradict what Paul has taught, and he is concerned enough to address it head on.

To have been misled to think because you are experiencing persecution and travail in this world that you are in the Tribulation is wrong. Who would teach such a thing? Paul says, “Do you not remember when I was with you I told you these things?”

Paul sounds incredulous because he is. To think God is the source of the great difficulty you are experiencing in your life is a travesty. God will not pour out his wrath on those who are His Bride. God has already poured out His wrath upon Jesus on the cross. From the cross, Jesus declared, “It is finished!” He said that because it is. (The work of salvation that is.)

Do you not remember - Paul poses - how I prophetically taught you exactly the events which will transpire prior to the Tribulation unfolding? Have ANY of those things taken place? Certainly you ARE troubled, and the trials you are facing are great. But Satan is the author of those things - not God.

When the Tribulation happens, you who are faithful will no longer be here. You will be with the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven for those years of vengeance, enjoying fellowship with Christ inis kingdom.

It is delusional to think these things will not play out exactly as God has pronounced they will. God is in control. His prophetic record of absolute perfection according to the accomplishment of His Word assures us all He has promised us yet future will also play out exactly as He says it will.

Pastor Bill