The Word This week

1 Timothy 3:1...

Paul has written to Timothy about the faith and practice which should be taking place in the Church of Jesus Christ.

The church at Ephesus, and the Church for all time belongs to Jesus Christ. He is the Head. It is His Church, and He is the One to determine what is to take place in His Church.

To prevent His Church from straying from the essential doctrine of His Church - which is the plain preaching and teaching of the whole counsel of the Word of God - Christ ordains certain men within His Church to oversee it to make certain it does not stray from His essential doctrine.

This is an incredibly important responsibility for any man to bear, because it entails the continuing presentation to the Body of Christ about how any man may have eternal life in the kingdom of Heaven, and how to live this life in Christ as we wait for Christ to return for His Church.

It is astounding Jesus trusts men with a responsibility so great, and so important to Himself.

Originally, Jesus called twelve young men to draw close to Him and to learn of Him. When they were called, these twelve young men had no idea they would go on to become the founders of His Church. Thinking they were simply following Christ, these young men were learning of Christ and His ways. Imagine their shock at His crucifixion. Imagine their joy at His resurrection. Imagine their amazement at His ascension.

Now, these (now eleven) young men were left behind to do all Christ had taught them and shown them to do. With a replacement selected for Christ-betraying Judas, they went on to give their all for Christ. So great were their ministries we shall see their names inscribed on the foundations of the wall of the city of God.

But who would be raised up to take their place in Church leadership upon Jesus’ apostles passing from the scene? This is Paul’s instruction for Timothy. The responsibilities Christ had established in the roles of leadership in His Church for His apostles would of necessity be passed on to elders and to deacons.

Now we know how important these roles are, and the importance of choosing only those who are the called of God to fill these positions of leadership in His Church.

Pastor Bill