The Word This Week

1 Timothy 6:1...

Work in this world is to be conducted for the next.

Since this is the case, it does not matter whether you are a master or a bondservant, (or in our vernacular - a manager or an employee.)

It is significant those at the lower end of the employment scale are addressed first by Paul, as an acknowledgement they are the ones most likely to feel put-upon, put down, and set aside by the culture of the workplace.

Every Christian employee is to count their boss worthy of honor. This runs counter to the culture more often than not – and even more so when you consider the actual crowd Paul addresses: bondservants. And if bondservants are to give honor their masters, how much more are we beholden since we are not bondservants but employees? Second-guessing, office gossip, and back-biting of supervisors ends at the cross of Christ – with the realization our employment is a ministry on behalf of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This doctrine applies in our service to all masters, (bosses,) and especially to those who are born-again believers. As an employee, this is a special opportunity given by God to serve a fellow believer in Christ in their journey along their ministry path to heaven.

Part of the struggle in the workplace has to do with an inordinate focus on climbing the corporate ladder and earning the almighty dollar. What drives this is an over-bearing focus on the worldly possessions to be gained by the money we earn, which can become THE reason we do what we do.

Paul says learning contentment with having our needs met is the key to life on earth. Everything beyond that is icing on the cake. (A blessing for sure - but not greater than the blessing being content with what you already have provides.)

The great problem is what seeking after riches in this life produces: bad fruit. That sort of mindset and heart-set leads to all kinds of evil because money becomes the master of those who inordinately seek it, and they become willing to do just about anything to get it. This is the root of war, of crime, of moral failure, and of a life path directed toward hell. Since it is directed toward hell, this path leads to a life of hell on earth. Money is a hard master.

Better to flee this broad, culturally acceptable, religiously-respected, hell-directed path and get on - and stay on - the narrow path which leads to heaven. There may be less money there, but the eternal rewards which begin with contentment are infinite and they are innumerable.

Pastor Bill