The Word This Week

2 Timothy 4:1…

The responsibility of every born-again Christian is to reproduce themselves in others as many times as the Lord may provide the opportunity to do so.

Of course, Paul’s concern is for the very survival of The Church. Knowing he will not survive much longer, the work of an evangelist is going to be left to others - and this is his major emphasis to Timothy in this chapter.

His wonderful description of the Word of God precedes his instruction and exhortation here.

It would be one thing if the words given for us to share were merely good words of instruction which we thought might be beneficial to our friends and family and co-workers. This would put us in the position of the rest of the world, advocating things we think might work for those we care for, or occasionally perhaps even complete strangers.

The words we are given to share are the very Word of God.

We are all designed with an innate desire to share things we think will work for others. We do that throughout the course of our lives. This is the basis of salesmanship: “I have discovered what you need!’

But the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is worlds apart from that sort of pandering, even if the pandering can be considered generally beneficial.

The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is designed specifically to provide eternal life in the kingdom of heaven for everyone, without exception. It is not merely beneficial, it is the basis for eternal survival. It is the reason Jesus entered the world, and it is the reason He went to the cross. All of mankind has a sin problem which leads to eternal death, and only acceptance of the finished work of Jesus Christ can remedy that eternal reality.

It is Jesus’ final instruction to His Church, as it is Paul’s final instruction here. Preach the gospel no matter where you are, and no matter who you are in front of. Each and every person you see, and all those you know will be judged by the Almighty Living God, and only by placing their faith in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and His saving work do they escape His righteous, eternal judgment. This is TRUTH, and it must be shared no matter what.

Pastor Bill