The Word This Week

Mother’s Day 2021...

The most important thing in any mother’s life is Who her Father is.

God has made certain of this in the life of women by forcing their obedience in only one thing: becoming a mother.

The Bible says, “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on the earth, and those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”  Phil 2:10-11

In every area of this life bending the knee to Jesus Christ is a matter of the will. It remains an option which is constantly available - and yet deniable as long as we are alive on earth. (Should we choose to deny the obvious.)

But there is one single shining moment in life when bending the knee to God’s design is no longer an option. In the moment of childbirth, the knee of every woman must bow to their Father in heaven. And there are no exceptions.

What would it take to bring every woman to the point of bowing the knee to their Father in heaven physically, if not spiritually?

Answer: A degree of physical pain which would break the will of every woman going through the process of childbirth.

It was part of the curse, when mankind fell in the Garden of Eden.

Eve, whom Adam named ‘Eve’ because he knew she would become the mother of all living, had an independent spirit. Her temptation by Satan was to deny her Father in Heaven, which she readily did by denying His Word of instruction for her life, denying His love of her life, and seeking a degree of independence from His rule over her life. And she brought Adam along with her in her rebellion against her Father in heaven.

The curse for Adam, (the federal head of all men,) was work. He could no longer merely tend, he must now earn. But this can be and could be avoided should you choose the repercussions that occur from not working.

The curse for Eve, (the federal head of all women,) was physical pain in childbirth which would be greater than any pain known to humankind. While modern science has provided some measure of relief from this level of pain during the child-birthing process, no woman in human history has ever completely avoided it, and no woman in human history has given birth without bending the knee and submitting themselves to God’s design for bringing forth life.

This was not a pleasant choice for God, but it was a necessary one. People all the time choose to be willfully blind to God’s design and God’s plan for their life. And they wander aimlessly and willfully away from God’s design and God’s plan simply because they can. But in the hours of the sheer agony of childbirth, every single mother in human history has been compelled to submit themselves to God’s design and God’s plan for their life, and to bend their knee to God in order to bring forth life. This new, completely dependent life they now love with a greater love than they have ever known.

All the pain of childbirth is worth the promise of God this picture provides.

Pastor Bill