The Word This Week

Hebrews 1:1...

Jesus is God.

When your entire life has been spent in a very traditional religious system filled with all sorts of requirements and rituals, and when your entire family has participated in that very traditional religious system for generations, it can be very difficult to leave that wealth of traditional ritualism you have always lived your life according to.

The enemy sees to it there is always a great temptation to return to the traditions and rituals you have abandoned – because they make you feel part of something greater than yourself.

There is also great strength in numbers, and sometimes the sheer number of practitioners of the faith system you have left becomes a great source of temptation to return.

Now on top of all this add you have been ostracized by your family, your friends, your employer, and you can no longer buy or sell or participate in the culture you were raised in – the only culture you have ever known.

Satan can have a field day with this situation. He always has, and he always will.

For people in this situation, it can be much more difficult to continue in their simple faith in Christ for salvation than it is to turn back and either leave the faith entirely or begin to incorporate familiar ritualism into the worship of Christ alone for salvation.

The great dividing line is whether you believe Jesus Christ is God.

ALL the faith systems of the world - including Judaism – to which The Book of Hebrews is addressed, do not believe Jesus Christ is God.

The Book of Hebrews proves theologically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and motivationally, that He is.

This Book is addressed to Jewish believers who are being tempted to return to Judaism, or to add Jewish religious practice to their born-again lives under the pressure of tradition.

The antidote to the adoption of or return to religious ritualism is always the correct understanding of Who Jesus Christ IS. Jesus Christ is God. The choice to be made therefore is whether you will follow God in Christ - or man?

Pastor Bill