The Word This Week

Hebrews 1:5...

Hebrews establishes Jesus is God.

Since Jesus is God, He is above all of creation – which He Himself has created. This means He is greater than all angels, He is greater than Moses, He is greater than the Aaronic priesthood, and He is greater than the Law.

These are the proofs provided by the Holy Spirit through the course of this letter to the Hebrews.

Jewish believers were being led to stumble back toward the rituals and practice and the traditions of Judaism, including the re-introduction of animal sacrifices for atonement of sin. If Satan can pull this off, any Jewish believer in Christ who falls for this will be subject to less than God’s plan for salvation, and in grave danger of the hellfire.

The Book of Hebrews is a rescue against the deception many Jewish believers in Christ were falling for.

Of their fascination with angels and angelic beings, the author, (who I believe is Paul,) offers 7 proof texts of how much greater the Lord Jesus Christ is than any and all of the angelic host.

Not one of the angels was ever referred to by the Father as, “My Son.” And this relationship between the Father and the Son is explained in a way we see it declared nowhere else in God’s Word.

The angels are declared to be ministering Spirits – those who serve the Father and the Son. The Son is declared to be the firstborn over all creation – the only begotten of the Father, which is a declaration of the Father raising the Son from the dead that He may provide justification for all who will place their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation.

The most powerful declaration all comes when the Father calls Jesus God. This is a quote from the Messianic Psalm 45, and it is the end of all discussion about Who Jesus is. All those who choose to incorrectly view Jesus as a created being are defeated by this verse, and it is yet another undeniable revelation of the triune nature of the God we serve.

Where we began in the Book of Hebrews is where all misunderstanding and misrepresentation of Who Jesus is ends. Jesus Christ is God. Since He is God, He is superior to all of creation, and personal loving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ by being born again is just as Jesus Himself says it is – the ONLY way to entry in the kingdom of heaven.

Pastor Bill