The Word This Week

Hebrews 3:1...

Now we see how Jesus is greater than Moses in the same way the One Who builds the house is greater than the house itself.

What an interesting metaphor!

All of creation – no matter how great – is NOT as great as The Creator.

Admittedly, Moses was a great man, chosen by God – in a sense – to be the head of God’s household, the children of Israel. (The sons of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.)

In this way Moses is a type of every father who ever lived.

His responsibility is the same as our responsibility: to lead our family into the Promised Land.

Note: the ‘Promised Land’ Moses was charged with leading God’s family into was NOT a type of heaven. It was a type of the Spirit-filled life. (There are NO giants or enemies of God in heaven. We know the Promised Land was filled with them.)

No one comes into fatherhood by accident, and it is not a biological event but a Spiritual one. Christ is the Creator of ALL life, and there are no accidents when it comes to HIS sons and daughters, and those called to lead them into the Promised Land.

Moses sought to abdicate his calling from the beginning. He didn’t want to be the head of anything, let alone God’s children. He was in the backside of the desert forty years running from the murder he had committed. But the murder he committed was a demonstration of his love and concern for the children of God, who were brutally oppressed by Egypt under Pharaoh.

God saw in Moses what Moses could not see in himself. The Lord saw a flawed yet gifted man who was capable of leading a people who most-often refused to be led. It took the power of God upon his life to see this through – and in the end, even Moses failed by losing his temper in anger towards the very rebellious ones God had given him to have grace towards.

The result was the entire generation Moses led into the desert did not enter God’s rest. (The Promised Land.) It was the generation that followed after them, (those they seemed so concerned for the safety of,) who entered the Promised Land of God’s rest.

An entire generation died off in the desert, having failed to believe HOW GOOD God desired to be toward them. (A very common failure.)

Moses, ever faithful despite his own frailties and failures, was a very great man of God. In a sense, the father of one of the greatest dysfunctional families in all of history. But that family endures to this day, not because of Moses’ greatness – but because of his faithfulness to God and to his calling which was so vastly above his ability to perform apart from God.

Pastor Bill