The Word This Week

Hebrews 4:1...

‘Rest’ is a very appealing word.

It has a connotation of relaxation. It also has a connotation of completeness. (After all, you can’t really ‘rest’ until ALL the work is complete.)

This is the encouragement of Hebrews 4.

The work of your salvation has been totally, completely finished by The Lord Jesus Christ on the cross.

Why then would you continue to work to accomplish/enhance salvation?

This is what the Jewish believers were being tempted to, and many were failing and perhaps even falling in their admixture of the Law of Moses and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Once you head back to the works of the Law of Moses to either enhance or accomplish your salvation you have willingly left the rest only found at the foot of the cross.

The greatest appeal of the word ‘rest’ is in its highest meaning: Peace with God.

When you return to the Law of Moses, (which was the temptation of Jewish believers in Christ,) or return to or blending with ritualistic practices of a prior denominational church experience because of the lure of ‘tradition,’ you will sacrifice your peace with God.

Are you willingly departing from your Christ-earned salvation at this point? The Book of Hebrews seems to indicate this may be the case. (It is hard to imagine departing from peace with God not meaning that possibility.)

We’ll leave good people to argue about that – but the author Hebrews seems convinced. It is grave danger to turn back to a works-based theology. After all, God Himself rested from His work of creation when the work of creation was finished. Now that the work of re-creation has been completed, why would anyone turn back?

How can I tell exactly where I stand in this regard? The Word of God will tell you. The Word of God is ALIVE and can tell you when and if you are heading back or heading up. Let the Word of God speak in your life. The Word of God will ALWAYS lead you into God’s rest.

Pastor Bill