The Word This Week

Hebrews 5:1...

The High Priest of the Jews was initially Aaron, Moses’ brother.

His robes and offerings were meant as an illustration of a coming High Priest Who would be greater than the picture of the illustration provided by Aaron.

Since we know the role of the High Priest was to represent the people to God and God to the people, we know this is a VERY important role, and implies very great responsibilities. In truth, these are meant to be responsibilities no man could actually bear, and would require God’s power at every step.

In the previous chapter, we had been introduced to our Great High Priest, The Lord Jesus Christ.

He is the fulfillment of all the role and responsibilities the Aaronic priesthood was meant to represent. The Lord Jesus Christ fulfills the picture for us.

He has come from heaven that we may know He has compassion upon us because He has willingly borne our frame, and He has experienced all the temptations of the flesh we experience – yet without sin as He was not born in sin but was conceived of the Holy Spirit apart from sin.

We know and accept the previous High Priests of the Aaronic lineage knew our weaknesses because they had the same weakness of fallen flesh we do. These men were called into this role as High Priest by God based upon being descendants of Aaron.

But Our Great High Priest Jesus Christ is of a different order, born of a different tribe than Levi. Christ was born of the tribe of Judah, a descendant of David, exactly as Scripture had prophesied Him to be. Christ is the ‘Lion of the tribe of Judah.’ He is God in flesh, and is therefore vastly, infinitely, superior to ANY High Priest preceding Himself.

The Lord Jesus Christ is of the order of Melchizedek, as declared He would be in Psalm 110.

Melchizedek was a mystical figure appearing in Genesis 14, whose name literally means, ‘king of righteousness.’ He was also king of Salem, which literally means, ‘king of peace.’ Who is this ‘man’ we know so little about save for the fact Our Great High Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ was of his order rather than that of Aaron?

Well, we DO know Abraham, the spiritual father of the Jewish people, from whom ALL Jewish people descend, paid Mechizedek a tithe of all his possessions. We also know when Abraham appeared before Mechizedek, Melchizedek presented Abraham with bread and wine, and blessed Abraham.

Without question, the lesser is blessed by the greater.

Pastor Bill