The Word This Week

Hebrews 10:1...

Shadows are important, but they are not the real thing.

Shadows only reveal the true shape of the real thing being exposed to a source of light.

Shadows also provide a degree of coolness and can be a means of God’s guidance and protection from the heat of this world as we are passing through – as in the case of the pillar of cloud by day the Lord provided the Israelites as they wandered in the desert 40 years. To follow the Lord’s direction, all they had to do was stay in the shade as the pillar of cloud moved.

But the shadow is nothing compared to the real thing, and when the real thing is come there is no longer any need for seeking or following the shadow of the real thing.

This is the truth: Judaism has been completed in the coming of the Messiah, Who is the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no longer any need for the continuation of the rituals and practices of the Jewish faith system, because with the death and resurrection of Messiah the Church Age has begun. The Church Age will continue until the Rapture of The Church, which is the next event on the prophetic calendar.

Since we are presently in the Church Age, the Jewish faith has been perfected. (We sometimes say, “completed.”) Everything of the Jewish faith remains important only because it has informed us historically about the coming Church Age in which both Jew and Gentile alike may enter heaven upon physical death having placed their faith in the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Apart from having placed their faith in the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is no salvation for anyone. In placing their faith in the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is salvation for everyone.

The sacrifice of animals is no longer of any affect, and in fact, in this day and in all the days following the destruction of the temple in 70AD this has not been happening because it is no longer possible. What will those Jews who have chosen remain Jews do with their sin – since they not only no longer have blood sacrifice as commanded by their own Law, but most especially since the blood sacrifice of animals was never capable of providing salvation anyway?

The author of Hebrews pounds home this point. It would be eternally foolish and ridiculously damning to trample underfoot the sacrifice of Christ by favoring the sacrifice of bulls and goats instead.

Pastor Bill