The Word This Week

Hebrews 11:17...

(The author of Hebrews has been constantly reminding these Jewish born-again believers in Jesus Christ their faith in Christ is superior to any other faith they may choose to place in any other form of worship – in this case the rituals and practices of Judaism.)

The whole point of faith is its basis. Of course, the faith we are hearing about here in Hebrews 11 is faith in Almighty God. While our faith in God is invisible, it is based upon the substance and the evidence of things we have learned from history.

For thousands of years, Jewish believers have invested their entire lives in their faith in Almighty God and in the promised Messiah. They have done so at great peril to their lives yet have endured by the strength of their belief and trust in the Word of God.

The Word of God is filled with promises we can build our lives upon – chief among them we may have eternal life in the kingdom of heaven by – and only by – placing our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and becoming born again.

This is the kind of promise that invites speculation and persecution because it is an exclusive promise. There is no other means of entry into the kingdom of heaven than faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The question becomes: Is the promise worth enduring everything the world the flesh and the devil throws against the promise? In this case, the author argues emphatically YES!

The examples of those who have chosen the promise of eternity with God above ease or pleasure in this world, are innumerable, and they are YOUR forefathers. Their stories are well-known by everyone with a Hebrew background. Each proceeding generation has experienced the challenge of the enemy to their faith – and every generation has met that challenge, as evidenced by the fact you have heard of them and learned of the very Word of God they based their faith upon.

And now the challenge is down to you. Will you remain standing upon the substance of the Word of God – as they, (your forefathers,) did?

Pastor Bill