The Word This Week

James 4:1...

In the history of mankind there has always been warfare.

Beginning with Cain slaying Abel, and proceeding from there, man has always set himself against man. Why?

James informs us this warfare comes from, “desires for pleasure which war in your members.” In other words, warfare begins within ourselves before it becomes warfare against others.

It is certainly a profound revelation of the fallen nature of mankind, and since mankind fell – nature has fallen as well. This world has indeed become ‘dog-eat-dog’ in its existence.

And it all stems from the self-centered covetousness which rages in the heart of mankind.

(I want what you have, I deserve what you have, and I have the power to take what you have.)

This is the fallen nature of ALL warfare.

It should never be so in The Church.

Jesus came to counter the fallen nature of mankind. For once and forever we have seen the example of The One Who came to say: “I give you all I AM, that you may have all I AM even though you do not deserve it, that you may give what I give you to others.”

THIS is to be the new (renewed) nature of The Church. It is Christ’s nature overcoming the fallen nature of mankind and bringing an end to warfare – especially WITHIN The Church.

The Church is the one place that is to be a safe haven from the selfishness and covetousness of fallen man. (That’s why the main meeting room is called the ‘Sanctuary.’) The Church is THE place where we ask God to meet our needs, and understand we have all God desires us to have. Likewise, others have what God desires them to have. We do not have our needs met by what we may take from others, we have our needs met by God.

And God understands our motive in asking to have our needs met. Is it truly a need – or is it merely a ‘want?’ It is when we ask by our fallen nature that we do not have, because we ask amiss. We have failed to ask God what He desires us to have – in accordance with His will and not our own.

Again, Jesus set the example for us in the Garden, when He pleaded with His Father to take the cup of suffering away. Yet, in the midst of that turmoil He also pled, “Not My will but Yours be done.”

This is the end of warfare, should man choose to accept it.

Pastor Bill