The Word This Week

Luke 1:5-35...

We love birth announcements.

We love them even more when there has been difficulty with conception, or perhaps conception had been ruled impossible prior to conception taking place.

Since we know all life is created by God, we know every life is precious in His sight.

On rare occasions, the Lord has chosen to visit those who require a miracle for conception to take place, to emphasize the importance and significance of the life He is going to create.

To a great degree, this is the significance of Christmas. (That all would sit up and take notice. That no one would or could ignore it.)

Because of this, the birth of Christ would become the greatest holiday celebration the world has ever known.

That God would enter the world of His creation as an infant is perhaps the most stunning event in human history.

To be directly involved in that event would be even more stunning.

We think of birth announcements as something expectant mom and dad do when they have assurance they are indeed pregnant. It is a joyous occasion for the families and friends of the couple, and there is great anticipation and celebration!

Now imagine the birth announcement coming by way of an angel – prior to conception taking place! Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Pastor Bill