The Word This Week

1 Peter 5:1...

Since – as we learned in Chapter 4 – judgment begins at the house of God, it is to be expected His judgment begins at the house of God with the elders in the house of God.

It then stands to reason Peter, (the Holy Spirit,) exhorts the elders first because they set the example the Body is to follow. The reality is if the elders are corrupt, the Body will likely also be corrupt. In the physical body, when the head is corrupt, it stands to reason the body will also be greatly and adversely affected.

The temptations may be greater for the elders since the enemy knows if he can cause the elders to be corrupted it can bring down the entire house of God. This is a reality we have seen far too often. How many in the Body of Christ have become disillusioned about His Church because of what they have witnessed or become aware of in the behavior of corrupted elders in His Church?

Therefore, elders are held to a higher standard by God. In addition, elders must be willing to voluntarily hold themselves to a higher standard of accountability. In understanding the nature of Spiritual attack, elders must also be willing to understand and acknowledge the weakness of their own flesh.

There must not be any fleshly motive for serving the flock of God as an overseer. The idea of serving the Lord Jesus Christ for financial gain is abhorrent to God. The idea of serving the Lord Jesus Christ for prominence or status among people inside and outside of His Church is abhorrent to God. The idea of serving the Lord Jesus Christ under any sense of compulsion is abhorrent to God. These things must never be.

Serving the Lord is to mean exactly that: Serving the Lord.

The elders’ main function is to represent Christ to His Church, through serving and worship and praying and teaching sacrificially, and to represent His Church to the Lord Jesus Christ in worship and in prayer.

There can be no compromise because the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking those he may devour. While this applies to everyone, it applies first to the elders in His Church.

Pastor Bill