The Word This Week

2 Peter 2:1...

When persecution arrives or approaches there will be false prophets arising claiming all will be well with you.

This is exactly the pattern we have seen as we have studied the Book of Jeremiah on Wednesday evenings. (Why it is so important to attend or follow our Wednesday evening studies – as they so often speak directly of the issues taking place in our New Testament studies.)

As danger approaches the Church, there will always be those who will say, “Everything is going to be okay, just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Along comes a man like Jeremiah, taking up bonds and yokes as instructed by the Lord, and teaching God’s people time is short, and unless you repent you will be carried into exile and destroyed under ruthless oppression and slavery.

But a false prophet countered by breaking the yokes Jeremiah had made and proclaiming the Lord had shown him all would be well.

One of the marks of any false prophet is the proclamation – whatever it may be – that permits sinners to continue in their sin, and even encourages them with a message that does not focus on righteousness but upon some fascinating shiny object which diverts God’s people’s attention away from their personal sin. Jeremiah’s message – as Peter’s – was always one centered on repentance based upon the knowledge of the goodness of God.

Do what God says, not what men say. God has already said all He desired to say and all He needed to say. So-called prophets who would add to or take away from all God has said are demonstrating a covetousness of unbelief. (Lest they would not make these fanciful personal interpretations of scripture no one else has.)

These false teachers and prophets in Peter’s day, and in ours, would allow the Church to be destroyed for the sake of personal recognition, fame, and profit. We are left to answer the question: Have they no fear of God?

Pastor Bill