The Word This Week

Mother’s Day...

In God’s design of marriage, in order to be a wife, you must have a husband.

In order to be a husband, you must have a wife.

There are no exceptions. To be one, you must have the other.

In the same way, to be a mother there must be a father, and to be a father there must be a mother.

To know these things is to understand there are clearly defined and distinct roles for the man and for the woman in marriage – as well as in all other roles in life.

In God’s Word, in the Book of Ruth, we see how important the fulfillment rather than the usurping of God’s clearly distinctly defined roles is. (Our salvation depended upon it – pertaining to the lineage of Christ.)

That The Church would become known as ‘the Bride of Christ’ is also very illuminating. Should The Church even begin to attempt to usurp the role of Christ in salvation? Perhaps some churches have through their dependence upon works for salvation. This is abhorrent to God because it is impossible to be saved by works, and even the beginning of any attempt to do so is idolatry.

For a wife and mother to even begin to think her God-given role is even in the slightest way less significant than the God-given role of the husband and father is a lie from Satan designed to undermine all God intended for the role of a wife, and to undermine the incredible importance God has placed upon motherhood.

This is only amplified by the fact God chose to enter this world through a wife and mother. Of all the means God could have chosen to enter the world of His creation, He chose the most significant one.

That our culture in this day has chosen to imply a woman is not complete until she becomes a man, (or is ‘free’ to take on the role of man in every way possible,) is absurd, and must be rejected by the children of God at all costs.

The fact God initiated a patriarchal system from the beginning and then coded into His Law clearly distinct roles for men and women should satisfy our desire for significance by seeking to accomplish all God has for us in the distinct roles He has created for us.

In The Book of Ruth, we see Boaz - who is a type of Christ - exalting the submission of Ruth, (who was a gentile,) which permitted her to become his bride. Her redemption came as the result of her understanding her role – which was described to her by her mother-in-law Naomi, (who is a type of Israel,) in observance of God’s Law which was from the beginning.

Pastor Bill