The Word This Week

Revelation 2:18...
The ancient city of Thyatira stood at the intersection of three main roads leading to Pergamos, Sardis, and Smyrna. Under Seleucus I, Thyatira became a military outpost, guarding the road to Pergamos.

This historical local church had its problems, which Jesus identifies. In this church we see several things which are cause for concern within the modern church as well.

The marriage of church and state being chief among them.

Once The Church became the official religion of Rome it descended into a prolonged period of darkness lasting about 1200 years. Interestingly, this period in world history is also known of as ‘The Dark Ages.’

It is always an accusation against The Church when its darkness is reflective of the culture in which it exists – given His Church is to be the light of the world.

Jesus first commends their works, which are notable to Him, as our service to Him always is. He also notes their last works are more than the first – so they appear to be growing. But could this also reflect a growing emphasis on works in addition to grace as a means of salvation which was introduced into His Church by the arising of the papacy?

And what are we to think of Jesus bringing the name of Jezebel into His instruction for this church? What we know about Jezebel from God’s Word is terrible, and her marriage to Ahab led to one of the worst periods of time in the history of the apostate northern kingdom of Israel.

Of all Israel’s kings, Ahab was said the be worst – and much of that can be directly attributed to his marriage to the pagan idol worshiping woman he married himself to in Jezebel.

What can this possibly mean for our church in this day?

Pastor Bill