The Word This Week

Father’s Day 2022...

Every person ever born has only one father. (That may seem obvious, but so much of what is obvious these days is denied under the guise of ‘compassion.’)

There are no exceptions to the uniqueness of this role.

While the world debates gender identification in new and abhorrent ways which deny obvious biological science, genetics speak an essential truth which obliterates all the absolute nonsense of speaking of multiples of gender possibilities.

The scientific reality is gender is defined by genetics – and genetics dictate every person ever born contains either the XY chromosome in each cell of their body, (in the case of a male,) or the XX chromosome in each cell of their body, (in the case of the female.) (The only exception to this is known of as the Klinefelter syndrome which isn't inherited, but rather occurs only as the result of a random genetic error after conception.) In this case - which is extremely rare - a male child receives two X chromosomes in each cell, (XXY,) which is regarded as an abnormality.

Gender, therefore, is defined by biology and not imagination.

To argue against this reality is a fantasy which can only result in destruction. Much of the world today seems bent on self-destruction, and all this gender-confusion seems to be the latest, (and possibly greatest,) example of the self-destructive nature of man left to his own devices.

God created fatherhood as an earthly resemblance of Himself. To abdicate or denigrate this God-given role is to foster rebellion against God – Who is OUR Father in heaven. What we are seeing presently is absolutely the result of the abdication of the role of fatherhood in our culture, which is worth fighting for.

Who is to lead the fight for fatherhood in our culture? That would be fathers. No one else can wage this fight as effectively as fathers can within their own families. If enough fathers were to wage the fight for fatherhood in their own families, the culture would be changed. If fathers abdicate this fight, the culture will continue its downward death spiral into depravity.

It is important each of us be reminded often Who OUR Father is. To be silenced on the issue of gender confusion is an abhorrence to God, Who is the Father of every man.

Some have said the words of the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ so often they’ve forgotten to pause and consider its deeper meaning…that there is a God, and you are NOT Him.

At some point, each of us must come to the understanding the Word of God must have all authority over our lives because it IS the Word of God. We are not called to agree with it but to obey it.

Our utmost desire must be for His kingdom to come and for ours to be torn down, especially as it seems ours is so presently filled with decadence and depravity.

Pastor Bill