The Word This Week

Revelation 5:1...

Redemption is a central doctrine of God’s Word because it is God’s heart for His creation.

One of the principles of redemption is to take back or repossess what is rightfully yours. It is the same for God.

God’s heart for all that belongs to Himself is revealed here. He is coming to take back the earth which had been ceded to Satan by Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden.

The doctrine of redemption is spoken of in God’s Law. In the Sabbath year, (the 7th year,) the land would be returned to its original owner, had that land been sold to cover debt.

God would have it known all land belongs to Him, and that each Israelite landowner was only occupying God’s land for the period of time that individual had life and breath on earth. What had been given by portion of the Promised Land to the tribes of Israel was to always remain in those tribes and in those individual families, even if life issues had separated them from it.

The sabbatical year would take care of that. The land would be returned to its original owner, and all debts would be forgiven. Additionally, the land could be redeemed at any time if there was a near-kin willing to redeem it on behalf of its original owner. This applied to land – as in the case of Jeremiah 32:6-7, and it applied to those who had been mired in poverty, as in the case of The Book of Ruth, with Boaz and Ruth.

God’s Law is a law of love. That redemption is at the very center of it is a primary demonstration of this fact.

And so, now the earth itself will be redeemed and returned to its rightful owner – its Creator.

We may have been completely unaware this was a pending event, but all of heaven certainly anticipated it. John weeps uncontrollably under the false impression NO ONE is worthy to redeem the earth – and that Satan will continue to rule and reign unabated, even forever. John weeps because he understands what Satan’s usurped possession of the earth has meant for the earth. For Satan’s rule to be continued would be the greatest tragedy John could possibly imagine.

But then, The Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world steps forward to take back the title deed to the earth…Only HE is worthy, and He is willing…

The earth shall be redeemed by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. And the song of the redeemed is sung by those being redeemed, as well as those who bear witness to this redemption process about to take place.

Pastor Bill