The Word This Week

Revelation 6:1...

Now that the Church has been caught up to heaven, that which restrains (the Church,) is no longer present to restrain – and so the one known of as ‘the anti-christ’ appears.

As Jesus opens the first of the seven seals the wrath of God begins to be poured out upon the earth.

There will be seven seals of God’s judgment, seven trumpets of God’s judgement and seven bowls of God’s judgment – all poured out during this seven-year period of time known of as ‘the Tribulation.’

These seven years will be divided into two three and one-half-year periods of time, each 1,230 days in length. The divide is known is known of as ‘The Tribulation,’ followed by ‘The Great Tribulation.’

With the Church no longer present, the world which remains is - in their own estimation - a far better place – free of the imposition of political views brought about by this ‘religious minority.’

There remain many perplexing political problems, however. So the whole world is ripe for a man who has natural abilities to bring disparate groups together, speak inspiring and influential words employing a force of rhetoric greater than any man the world has known, economic knowledge and concepts which will create a powerful elite ruling class, and also an appeal to the masses by his ‘solutions’ which create the appearance of meeting the needs of the people – even as they are taken advantage of. He will be a great media presence, and the whole world will yield willingly to his leadership – given the extent of the problems and his solutions to those problems.

The Jews will mistake this great man for their Messiah, since he will bring about a political solution between Arabs and Jews which will allow the Jews to rebuild their Temple on the Temple Mount at Jerusalem alongside the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. This man makes the impossible possible. The source of his power is Satan, the great deceiver. He is not merely demonically possessed; he is fully indwelt by Satan.

Perhaps surprisingly, this man is only referred to as the ‘anti-christ’ one time in all of God’s Word. (1 John 1:22.) This term ‘anti-christ’ means he is ‘instead of’ Christ. He is an acceptable, (to those being deceived,) replacement for Christ.

He is THE man all worldly men – including religious men, have been looking for throughout history, seemingly capable of solving all the world’s problems. It is no wonder he appears riding a white horse as Christ opens the first seal.

Pastor Bill