The Word This Week

Revelation 7:1...

God has wrested dominion over his creation away from Satan by now.

With the opening of the sixth seal, all the mighty men of the earth who have enjoyed the fruits of their evil labors have suddenly discovered earthly wealth and power have no value any longer.

Anyone who recently witnessed the video of the presidential mansion in Sri Lanka being over-run by the people of Sri Lanka can envision this. The leaders of Sri Lanka abandoned their luxurious lifestyles and fled for their lives.

Where do we find the rulers of this world when the sky recedes, the great earthquake rocks the world, the sun becomes black as sackcloth, and the moon becomes like blood?

We find them in caves, and in the rocks, having abandoned their “oil and wine” lifestyles for the perceived shelter of survival by the most primitive means. More than that – they now fear the wrath of the Lamb, wishing themselves dead.

And with all the so-called rulers of this world cowering and paralyzed in fear at the cataclysmic events unfolding all around them – who is left to lead the world’s population?

Once again, we see how the world will cry out for the Anti-Christ for safety and leadership in the vacuum created by the pathetic cowardice of the once mighty and glorious social warriors, now relegated to the paralysis of fear.

And just as things are looking darkest for the world, we come to a pause in the action, a parenthesis which helps us understand God’s true intention for this seven-year period of time we call the Tribulation: Revival of those who will be revived. Redemption for all those who will be redeemed. The focus will primarily be those Jews who have willfully rejected their Messiah but can now see Him as Who He is. It will cost them their temporal lives by martyrdom but bring them into God’s eternal kingdom for eternal life through salvation.

Sometimes, in this day people may wonder exactly what it is they are being saved from? During the Tribulation, there will be no doubt.

It is fascinating to see that rather than repent, so many would prefer to hide in caves wishing death upon themselves. In this time, you will have to repent to gain the freedom death provides.

For those who will, the Tribulation will produce the greatest harvest of souls we have ever seen.

Pastor Bill