The Word This Week

Revelation 9:1...

God continues to pour out His judgment on a population of the world which is unyielding to Him. By now you would think they would AT LEAST recognize not only His existence but His righteousness. But no. So now we see and hear the fifth and sixth trumpets.

By the time the sixth trumpet judgment is complete, at least half the population of the earth which went into the Tribulation is dead.

Anyone remaining alive is tormented.

Something we have not been fully aware of is the demonic forces which fell when Satan fell have been limited in number. We learn here many of them – and we do not know how many - have been locked away in the bottomless pit awaiting their release at just this time.

Satan has now been given the key to open the bottomless pit and release these additional demonic forces upon the world.

The perception of many about Satan residing in hell is proven incorrect. He roams the earth as the prince of the power of the air. He is the god of this world. All his power is limited by God, and God employs him to meet out His judgement, and to use him to draw people closer to God and further away from God depending upon their desire to submit to God. (See Job, Chapters 1 and 2.)

These demonic forces released by Satan, in addition to those already present on the earth, will present a formidable reason to turn to God. There is no earthly force which can oppose them.

And just when you think these demonic locust creatures which have been released from the bottomless pit are more than anyone alive can bear - making men seek death but be unable to find it – the four angels who had been held back at the Euphrates River are released to kill a third of mankind.

If that is not enough, a demonic army advances, with a 200-million-man force, and a third of mankind remaining is also killed.

What WILL it take for mankind to repent and turn to the God it is now certain exists? Is the TRUTH of His existence enough for men? The answer then as now is ‘no.’

This only sets the stage for more well-earned judgment. Remember, this is only the first “woe.”

Pastor Bill