The Word This Week

Revelation 11:1...

The mighty angel gives John a measuring rod to measure the newly-built temple, (which is an apostate temple by the way.)

This will be what is known of by the Jews as the “third temple.”

The first temple had been built by Solomon, David’s son. The second temple had been built under Zerubbabel following their exile in Babylon for 70 years. (The first temple had been destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar.)

When Herod made extensive renovations to this second temple in the time just prior to Christ’s coming and continuing through Christ’s lifetime, (the renovation took 46 years,) this was still referred to by the Jews as the ’second temple’. This second temple was then completely destroyed by Roman general Titus in 70AD, as Christ had prophesied it would be.

Since that time, the Jews have been without a temple to worship in – and without a sacrifice to offer for their sin.

We can imagine their joy when the Antichrist gives them the go-ahead to rebuild their temple and renew temple worship by bringing together the warring parties of the world in a covenant signed at the onset of the seven-year Tribulation. (Daniel 9:27.)

So, the temple that will be re-built in rapid fashion by the Jews after the Rapture of the Church - and according to the covenant of peace initiated by the Anti-Christ - will be known of as the ‘third temple.’

As we speak, the Jews at the Temple Institute are rapidly preparing the furnishings and implements for this third temple – sensing a time when their temple will be rebuilt. They are also training young men in the duties of the priesthood. Identifying descendants in the lineage of Aaron – as priests must be – has been made extremely difficult since their genealogical records were destroyed by the Romans. They have narrowed it down to men with the last name of ‘Cohen,’ ‘Kohn,’ and ‘Korn.’ An extensive world-wide search has been made in an attempt to locate a perfect red-heifer. (One without a single white hair.)

You can imagine their excitement when this charismatic political figure emerges arranging it so the Jews can FINALLY rebuild their temple! In our day, the Jewish people believe this will be one of the characteristics of their Messiah – that he will be a great ruler who will allow them to proceed with the building of their temple, and the resumption of temple sacrifices.

This will be the temple John is commanded to measure. Well then – what of the Dome of the Rock, and the Al Aqsa Mosque?

Pastor Bill