The Word This Week

Resurrection Day 2023…

The most important decision anyone will ever make in their life is what to do with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Some may say Jesus is a good teacher - even a great teacher – based on His grace-filled manner and His understanding of people and how the Word of God applies to every life.

Many, and maybe even most will commit to the belief a real man named Jesus lived and walked this planet, but they will not go along with anything more than agreeing He was a great teacher.

People who hold this view have neglected to pay attention to ALL Jesus taught. One of the most important things to understand about Jesus is what He had to say about Himself. The life and self-declarations of any teacher about who they are and where they come from create a foundation for the things they teach. You cannot separate the validity of the message from the veracity of the messenger.

Jesus plainly taught He is God in flesh. This is undeniable.

This is either true, giving profound authority to His teaching which men must follow, or it is a lie, meaning Jesus cannot possibly be a good teacher. No liar can be considered either good or authoritative.

Others might say Jesus would have to be a madman to consider Himself to be God in flesh. No madman is worth listening to – and certainly not worth following. Do His teachings sound like the ravings of a madman thinking himself to be God?

Each person must decide: Is Jesus a liar? Is Jesus a madman? Or – is Jesus truly God in flesh as He claimed to be?

What each man decides about Jesus is the most important decision they will ever make, because eternal life – according to Jesus’ teaching – rests upon what each man decides about Jesus.

Will you repent and give your life to Christ and become born again as Jesus so powerfully and wonderfully instructed – or will you call Jesus a liar or a madman and disregard all He has to say about how to attain eternal life, trusting in your own goodness or good works instead?

Today, the empty tomb is just outside the city of Jerusalem. People in opposition to the Lord Jesus Christ have had over two thousand years to produce His body. Even His harshest critics and those who hatefully misrepresented all Jesus had to say about Who He is and all He taught have failed to produce His body.

Is the fact Jesus rose from the dead enough proof He is Who He said He is?

Pastor Bill