The Word This Week

Matt 19:13…

Once again Jesus brings a sharp contrast between the faith of a child and the seeking of an adult, corrupted by the world.

In timing which underscores the principle of two becoming one flesh Jesus spoke about in His definition of God’s design of marriage, little children are brought to Jesus – the epitome of two human beings becoming one flesh.

Also once again, His disciples not only attempted to deny those bringing the children to Jesus, but also rebuked those doing so – as if they think Jesus has more important things to do than minister to little children who cannot understand His teaching or His ministry.

(Mark’s Gospel informs us Jesus was greatly displeased with them for doing so.)

Jesus was not only NOT displeased, He was very welcoming to these little children – laying hands upon them and proclaiming them to be the very thing of which heaven is comprised. This may have been confusing to His disciples, but in this He was emphasizing the importance of childlike faith, which seems to appeal to Jesus above all else.

Underscoring this point is His dialogue with a rich young ruler, who appears to be a genuine seeker. His question is one we all should ask of Christ: “How can I get to heaven when I die?”

Jesus probes the young man’s heart, which is void of the one thing required to get to heaven – which is childlike faith.

Has power provided this young man eternal security? Has wealth, or good looks, or his stature in the world which has placed everything he could need or want in the palms of his hands? The answer is ‘no’ – or he wouldn’t be here.  Jesus appears to identify him as a genuine seeker, and He puts His finger on the ONE thing preventing this young man from entering heaven.

He serves the wrong god.

And because he lacks childlike faith, he is unwilling to give his god away in order to serve the living true God – Who is Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord.

Pastor Bill