The Word This Week

Matt 25:31…

For those who go through The Tribulation, the conclusion is going to be one of the greatest events ever seen in the history of the world…

As lightning flashes from the east to the west, every eye will see the Lord’s return. He is going to cleanse the whole world prior to His Millennial Reign from His Kingdom established at Jerusalem.

The Bible says Jesus Christ is going to return with the angels and the saints to destroy all the opposing forces of the world brought together by the antichrist in a feeble attempt to oppose Christ. They will be completely destroyed by the Sword of Word of God proceeding from His mouth.

The antichrist and the false prophet will immediately be cast into the lake of fire burning with brimstone where they will remain forever and ever.

And once this has all been settled, Jesus will call all the nations, (peoples remaining on the earth who have survived The Tribulation,) to Himself to divide those who will enter His Millennial Reign from those who will not.

As Jesus teaches, this will be immediately determined by Jesus placing His “sheep” on His right hand, which is the hand of favor, and the “goats’ on His left hand, which is the hand of disfavor.

His “sheep” will go into the Millennial Reign, having become believers in Christ during their experiences during The Tribulation, and the “goats” will be cast into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels. These are those who chose to follow the antichrist all the way through The Tribulation – up to and including receiving the mark of the beast, which God’s Word had warned them not to do.

There will no unbelievers going into the thousand-year reign of Christ upon the earth. The earth will be cleansed of all unbelief, especially among the Jewish people.

In fact, it seems the basis of demonstration of faith in Christ during The Tribulation will be how the Jewish people, whom Jesus calls, “My brethren,” are treated. Those who come to faith in Christ during that time will recognize the special nature of God’s relationship with the Jewish people and will do everything they can to help the Jews survive through the heightened degree of hatred, murder, imprisonment which will be poured out upon the Jews in unrestrained fashion by the antichrist. To provide any aid and comfort to the Jewish people during The Tribulation will only be done at great personal risk to life. Jesus tells all those who have done so they have done it unto Him.

Pastor Bill