The Word This Week

Matt 26:1…

The contrast between those who would kill Jesus and those who would worship Jesus has never been sharper than it was as Jesus approached His crucifixion…

After informing His disciples exactly what was about to take place at Jerusalem, Jesus entered the house of Simon the leper at Bethany, which was adjacent to Jerusalem.

What took place next is astounding. The essence of worship in the eminence of perfume poured upon Jesus. The pleasing fragrance filled the room.

This is truly what is meant by engaging in the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the first case there is devotion in the heart of the worshiper, which has led her to greater understanding of all that is about to take place than perhaps anyone in the room – even His own disciples – to whom Jesus had just explicitly explained all that was about to happen to Him.

In the second case is the cost involved. The devotion in the heart of the woman caused her to sacrifice perhaps her greatest possession, which would have been her flask of fragrant oil. This would have been a greater sacrifice than any of us may imagine, but it did not escape His disciples’ notice.

They questioned why anyone would do such a thing. They were indignant, and in their verbally expressed opinion this was a waste which could have been better spent on the poor.

Can you believe they actually said that out loud? (In a sense expecting Jesus to correct her?)

This happens all the time. Why would anyone invest so much in the act of the worship of Jesus? The calculation is not the worth of Christ, but the intensity of the expression of the believer.

We have many important memorials in our country, each designed to remind us of important historical lives or events which we are to admire and pattern our lives after.

Jesus calls what this woman has done in her true expression of worship a, “memorial.”

He further prophetically declares what this woman has done will be told throughout the world, as an important example to followers of Christ, forever. (Just as we are doing right now.)

Have you ever worshiped Jesus to this extent? If not, why not? What is it which limits your expression of worship toward THE One Who has saved you?

Pastor Bill