The Word This Week

Matt 26:47…

Have you ever thought about the arrogance of arresting God?

We presently live in a society which seeks to do exactly that.

In our government, in our schools, in our courtrooms, in our neighborhoods, our society has issued a death sentence to God, and is now contriving His arrest.

One of the amazing things is if a culture or society desires to arrest Jesus, He will allow Himself to be arrested. Even more amazing is if a society or culture desires to kill Jesus, he will allow Himself to be killed.

The problem for all those who attempt to do so is His human body may be put to death, but His Spirit body is eternal.

Killing Jesus never solves any problem man may perceive he has with God. Arresting Jesus in any culture only works to the detriment of that culture, and the same is true for any family.

As amazed as we are by this particular arrest, especially since it is accomplished by religious leaders through the betrayal of one of Jesus’ own followers, we see this all the time these days. It really shouldn’t surprise us at all.

Those who have been personally close to Jesus at some point in their lives betray Jesus all the time by allowing themselves to be brought into environments where killing Jesus is desired, and then being influenced in that same direction.

Since Jesus will allow Himself to be killed by those who desire to kill Him, this is not nearly as difficult to accomplish as we might imagine. All they have to do is put Jesus completely out of their minds and go on with their bad selves.

In the 60’s TIME Magazine declared ‘God is Dead,’ on its front cover. Could any statement have ever been more wrong?

Those who think this is so are wrong. They have always been wrong. God is not dead, they are.

Pastor Bill