The Word This Week

The Incarnation Part 2…

The southern kingdom of Judah was under great threat.

This was the result of a wicked king by the name of Ahaz, who had contrived to conspire with the Assyrians, who were an emerging world power ruled by an evil man by the name of Tiglath Pilesar.

Ahaz had appealed to Tiglath Pilesar for help by sending him the silver and gold of the Temple treasury and seeking to purchase his aid to attack the Syrians and the northern kingdom of Israel from the north to draw them away from their threatening position near Jerusalem.

Although allying himself with a wicked king for rescue may have made some degree of practical sense, God had offered a greater plan – as He always does. But Ahaz had become so enamored with the world He wasn’t interested in listening to the Word of God spoken through the prophet Isaiah.

He thought his plan was better than God’s and he failed to have any foresight of the great problem allying Judah with Assyria might eventually cause. Indeed, we now know this worldly alliance would potentially doom Judah during the days of Ahaz’ son Hezekiah – who loved the Lord and was a good king, unlike his father.

Isaiah was instructed by God to speak of the impending dangers of trusting an evil power for your salvation. Indeed, this applies to everyone, everywhere. To trust an evil power with your salvation is the most fool hardy thing anyone could ever do.

Worldly power is always represented by a throne. What we have witnessed along with Isaiah is there is a throne behind every worldly throne, which is the throne of God. There He sits, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe fills the Temple. There is no worldly power ever to compare. He knows the end from the beginning, and He speaks with all authority, and with all power. Moreover, He speaks with the love of a Father for His children.

Indeed, Isaiah continued to extoll the blessings of trusting God rather than man…resulting in one of the greatest prophecies of the coming Messiah contained in all of God’s Word. Would anyone listen?

Pastor Bill