The Word This Week

Mark 1:1…

Most believe the Gospel of Mark is Peter’s account of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Certainly Mark wrote this book, but it is thought he probably wrote what Peter told him to write.

Unlike Matthew and Luke, Mark’s gospel does not begin with the story of Jesus’ birth, but jumps right into His baptism by John, and the events that immediately proceeded from that moment. The book is fast-paced and reveals the life and ministry of Christ through a series of vignettes which profoundly reveal Jesus to be the Christ.

Servanthood is the main theme of this book. Jesus has come to serve rather than to be served. This becomes an important example for each of us.

Keep this example in mind as you read Mark’s account.

It begins Mark’s statement Jesus’ ministry is a fulfillment of scripture, as revealed by His forerunner, John.

And Jesus presents Himself to be water-baptized by John, in the manner of the washing of the priests at the beginning of their service to God in the Temple at 30 years of age.

John’s declaration encapsulates Jesus’ ministry life on earth and for eternity: “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”

Emerging from the water, we see the Father baptize Jesus with His Holy Spirit – descending upon Him like a dove.

In this way Jesus’ baptism is unique. We see all three persons of the Godhead in one setting at one time. God the Holy Spirit descends upon God the Son and God the Father declares from heaven, “You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

Note God the Father is already well pleased with God the Son before His ministry even begins. This allows us some degree of understanding of the eternal nature of all that has already taken place in Jesus’ life prior to any of the amazing events which are about to unfold in this Gospel.

Pastor Bill