The Word This Week

Mark 5:21…

In the midst of the great multitude receiving Jesus upon His return from the Gadarenes, we find a man who is so desperate he is willing to publicly put down the façade of all that has been meaningful to him and his family – even his employment – in an effort to get to Jesus.

Unbeknownst to him, there is a woman in the thronging crowd with a degree of desperation equal to his own, which will cause him great consternation of impatience.

Jesus has enough time for both of them.

This man whose entire world is at an end is the ruler of the synagogue at Capernaum. He would have been there when Jesus drove the demon out of the man the day Jesus first appeared on that scene. He also would have been present when Jesus seemingly violated the Sabbath Law as the Jewish leaders observed, healing the man with the withered hand. It isn’t hard to imagine the ruler of the synagogue – by the name of Jairus – would have either been as appalled as the Jewish leaders were at Jesus healing the man on the Sabbath - which would have been considered a ‘work’ - or possibly Jairus was as excited by the miraculous healing of the man with the withered hand as the people in attendance were – but because of his employment he had to keep his excitement to himself or risk losing his job as overseer of the synagogue.

Now his 12-year-old daughter is sick and near death and there is only Jesus to turn to. All other concerns fade away… But would Jesus be willing to help – even a potential political enemy? The answer thrills Jairus with anticipation. But there is a problem. A big one.

Another desperate seeker has distracted Jesus by her faith and caused a delay – a delay long enough to heal the woman, but also long enough to hear from messengers his daughter has died.

All Jairus’ hopes for Jesus healing his daughter are now dashed, done. But Jesus restores just a glimmer of hope… It is a common saying each of us must take to heart: “Only believe.”

Pastor Bill