The Word This Week

Matthew 21:1… (Palm Sunday)

Jesus had unfinished business.

He would now begin the process of finishing it.

The majesty of His progression toward the end of His beginning would begin with a simple yet challenging act of obedience by two of His disciples.

According to Zechariah 9:9, a colt, the foal of donkey must be procured. They didn’t have one, and so Jesus instructed them how to get one.

This certainly appears to be time when Jesus was deliberately fulfilling every prophecy pertaining to His desire to accomplish all He had come to do.

Some criticize Jesus for overtly, even intentionally fulfilling scriptures pertaining to Messiah. That is a hopelessly foolish point of view. He is, after all, Messiah. This day He would allow people the opportunity to acknowledge that fact.

The manner in which He acquired a donkey was, at the very least, interesting.

For His followers who were truly paying attention, this was a revelation. Had not the Scripture declared when Messiah came He would be riding a colt, the foal of a donkey? The problem to be reconciled was Jesus didn’t look like a conquering king. At all.

Yet, His followers afforded Him the glory of being a king anyway, placing their clothes on the donkey and even upon the road He rode into Jerusalem upon. Perhaps they could make Him look more like a king by doing so. After all, they were really hoping He was the conquering king Messiah was proclaimed by scripture to be. Maybe some sort of kingly transformation was about to take place before their eyes. It seems they hoped so!

It was the Jews who were loyal to the religious system who had a problem with all this egregious – and in their mind totally inappropriate - activity taking place. And they were quick to point this out to Jesus upon His arrival. Especially when He went so far as to cleanse the Temple, even claiming ownership of the House.

Who was this?

Pastor Bill