The Word This Week
January 16th, 2024
Mark 3:1…Jesus was as appalled at the scribes and Pharisees as they were with Him.Returning to the synagogue at Capernaum, where His ministry first exploded before the people, Jesus found Himself in a...  Read More
The Word This Week
January 9th, 2024
Mark 2:1…Jesus said He did not come to overturn the Law, but to fulfill it.It is one thing to teach with authority, heal the sick, drive out demons, and cleanse lepers - it is quite something else aga...  Read More
The Word This Week
January 2nd, 2024
Mark 1:14…Let the redemption of the world begin.Now that Satan has been defeated in his effort to discourage and dissuade Jesus from His mission and proven entirely ineffective in opposing the power o...  Read More
The Word This Week
December 27th, 2023
Mark 1:1…Most believe the Gospel of Mark is Peter’s account of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Certainly Mark wrote this book, but it is thought he probably wrote what Peter told him to write.Unlike Mat...  Read More
The Word This Week
December 19th, 2023
The Incarnation Part 2…The southern kingdom of Judah was under great threat.This was the result of a wicked king by the name of Ahaz, who had contrived to conspire with the Assyrians, who were an emer...  Read More
The Word This Week
December 12th, 2023
Isaiah 6-7 - The Incarnation Part 1…God has intervened on many occasions to provide man the knowledge of His coming Incarnation.One of the most prominent of those interventions is found in Isaiah 7:14...  Read More
The Word This Week
December 5th, 2023
Matt 28:1…Was there ever any doubt Jesus would be resurrected?It seems His disciples weren’t really listening when Jesus had told them He would be raised from the dead. (Or at least they struggled mig...  Read More
The Word This Week
November 28th, 2023
Matt 27:27…And so the Creator of the Universe is led away to be crucified unjustly and unmercifully.The irony of The Creator being murdered by His Creation must never escape us. That He would submit t...  Read More
The Word This Week
November 21st, 2023
Matt 27:11…Caught between a Rock and a hard place.Pontius Pilate is one of the great tragic figures in all of human history. He has been caught up in a series of events he never anticipated and was no...  Read More
The Word This Week
November 14th, 2023
Matt 27:1…There are four deaths described in this chapter. Three of those deaths were deserved. Only one man died in innocence.Of course, the innocent man was the Lord Jesus Christ. He was, in fact, t...  Read More
The Word This Week
November 7th, 2023
Matt 26:47…Have you ever thought about the arrogance of arresting God?We presently live in a society which seeks to do exactly that.In our government, in our schools, in our courtrooms, in our neighbo...  Read More
The Word This Week
October 31st, 2023
Matt 26:31…Jesus must go to the cross alone.The separation from even His closest followers now takes place.Under circumstances of which Jesus alone knows the terrifying depths, He informs His apostles...  Read More




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